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What is a CSA? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Typically consisting of a weekly share of veggies and/or meat but in our! By signing up for a CSA share, you help a farm invest into their upcoming season. We are excited to offer a new seasonal share this year as well as a longer full season option! 

Check out the 2024 offerings below!

Sign up now for weekly bouquets of locally grown, seasonal flowers. We are offering three different seasonal shares this year or you can sign up for a full season share.


Spring Share: May 1st - June 19th - $160

8 weeks of the best spring blooms, this share is a personal favorite, filled with all the fleeting blooms of spring. Tulips, specialty daffodils, ranunculus, anemone, fritillaria plus so much more


Summer Share: June 26th - September 11th - $250

12 weeks of the best of the best, all the summer annuals as well as some specialty perennials and dahlias!


Fall Share *NEW* September 18- October16th $110

5 weeks of fall blooms! This share will be heavy on dahlias and heirloom chrysanthemums which are new to the farm while also showcasing the last of those summer blooms!


Interested in a full season share? Flowers from May 1st - October 16th - twenty five weeks of blooms! - $425

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