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Our CSA offers you a monthly share of herbal and culinary goodies from May to October. All shares will be available as a safe curbside pickup at Anjali Farm for your convenience all season! Experience the magic of medicine from the Earth! 

Examples of products that will make up your monthly dose of Vermont healing: 

  • Plant starts, medicinal herb seeds, natural insect repellent, fresh herbs, dried herbs, tea blends, raspberries, blueberries, garlic, herbal bouquets, spice mix, remedies for different maladies, honeys, syrups, vinegars, massage oils, and bath soaks. 

By the end of the season, you will have an abundant apothecary of organic, locally grown and hand made products. You also benefit from a discount on classes, selected farmstead products, and special events. 

As a CSA member, you are partners with us in helping a local and collaborative enterprise to flourish. You are contributing to replenishing our soil, keeping our water and air clean, providing fair wages and opportunities for diverse sectors of our community. Plus, you and your family get healthier!

If you would prefer to pay by Check or Venmo, send an email to 

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